Using Node-RED in aircraft data message processing.

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A few tips for running a Raspberry Pi as an ACARS station

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The Pi can support 3 USB dongles with a good quality power supply. Most people will want to run an ADSB dongle, an ACARS dongle and a VDL2 dongle.

Here is how to set the Pi timezone / clock to UTC:
First run sudo raspi-config
From the main menu, slect option 5.

Then select your Timezone menu option:

Then select ‘None of the above’ (yeah, not so obvious is it…):

Then select UTC:


I access all my remote Pis (and a few Windows PCs needed for Jaero etc) via can not speak more highly of it.
Here is how to quickly install it on a fresh Pi:
curl -s | sudo bash
sudo systemctl enable zerotier-one
sudo zerotier-cli status
sudo zerotier-cli join YourZeroTeirNetworkID
Authenticate and name this Pi by going to your network on their website.
sudo zerotier-cli listnetworks
sudo touch /var/lib/zerotier-one/networks.d/YourZeroTeirNetworkID.conf